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Aidan McCarty

Hi, I'm Aidan.

I work on hard problems that matter.


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Stanford dropout. Published scientist. Serial entrepreneur.

I’m a Stanford dropout, a trained biochemist, and now a serial tech founder. I’ve published 3 peer-reviewed papers and — before dropping out — was Top 25 in my undergraduate class. Now I’m the Founder and CEO at Verified Inc, making every online interaction seamless and secure.

Aidan McCarty


I love hard problems and hate waiting for someone else to solve them.


Stanford Biochemistry, Top 25 in my class. Left after 3 years to build companies.

Oxford Computational Neuroscience,  Magdalen College.

Peer-reviewed papers published in applied chemistry (image to right is my nanoparticles), biosecurity, and myrmecology.

SEM image of polypyrrole nanoparticles from Aidan's research
User experience example of Verified Inc's product


Verified Inc is the Verified Network. 1-click sign-up everywhere online. Named Forbes 30 under 30 for this work.


Raised $6.2M from Tim Draper, Samsung NEXT, 1414 Ventures, Outliers Fund, Franklin Templeton, Stanford professors, ex-VISA and Google executives.

Identity is about access. All critical goods and services (finance, healthcare, government) are gated. We empower individuals to own and control their identity, ensuring seamless and secure access everywhere online.


I founded Be Heard in 2016 in response to one of the most turbulent elections in America's history to empower and engage the American public.

Fraudulent actors outnumber real Americans 19:1 online. Be Heard was the first and only platform that enabled Americans to contact their representatives as verified constituents, cutting through the noise of fake actors.


Be Heard was featured in a number of major outlets including the Skimm, Fast Company, and Lifehacker.

Aidan and Liam McCarty


I believe in improving the output and wellbeing of humanity

The world is progressing exponentially, and must continue to do so if we are to reach our potential as a species. But too often individuals are sacrificed in the name of "progress."

I commit to balance the two. Progress means little if it excludes. A sustainable path forward requires us all.

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